Free Online Zombie Games

Love online gaming. Get ready for the massacre & carnage that follows a zombie apocalypse and the thrill and chilling adventure of being a survivor of the blood slaughter and chaos travelling in search of a safe abode and the struggle for life from the undead.

A series of free online games now brings to you a collection of free zombie online games. The world is facing its last stand and you need to figure out a way from the bedlam and survive through all the obstacles and challenges posed and emerge from the horde of zombies victorious.

Free online games like Raft Wars is a great way to indulge yourself and experience a thrilling adventure to spark up your mundane life and break out from your stressed routine. Sharpen your instincts and enhance your thinking abilities while you traverse through the hordes of zombie, blood thirsty and craving for your life as you swipe past them with the help of weapons and gadgets with an ever enticing background score to keep up with your game play.

Stocked each day with all new and adventurous zombie games, here is a list you can choose from and play to your heart’s content.

  • Plant vs. Zombie – Now complete your gaming zone with this award winning zombie game. Plant vs. Zombie is not only an Action game but it’s a full package of strategic action gaming. Brought to you by PopCap, this strategic action game runs on almost all platforms. Now you don’t only have to run faster but think faster and plant aggressively as the wild zombie mob attack your home. Zombie games have just turned more fun than ever before.
  • Stark Raving Ted – With something more horrendous than the end of the world itself upon us, one of the survivors rises from the rubble of the dead – Ted. He has a mission ahead and he is going to annihilate this threat all by himself in the ruins of the city he once lived, inspired from the movie Stark Raving Mad.
  • Road of the Dead – brings to you the ultimate break out from the quarantined city by driving all the way through a highway filled with the voracious undead, bloodshed and chaos and when you think it’s almost possible even in your wildest dreams the military makes you rethink!

Earn to Die 2014

It’s a combined game form of Action Games and Car Racing.

  • The Last Stand Series – A highly popular free online zombie game series, with four game stages, The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2, The Last Stand : Union City and The Last Stand : Dead Zone. Game plot revolves around a survivor Jack who runs for his life from a zombie infected city towards a safe abode in Union City where the final evacuation is scheduled to happen, will he make it through? How many more can he save? Join him on his journey.
  • Ashes2Ashes Zombie Cricket – A cricket fan? This action packed and fun filled game is a latest zombie gamer craze. Now to don’t have to choose between sport games and thrilling adventure games. Ashses2Ashes Zombie Football follows quickly to take you up another notch.
  • Earn to Die Series – super popular games you can play for free over the net. Your goal is to achieve the finish line while zombies are getting in your way and trying to kill you. After each level you can purchase upgrades like stronger cars, new weapons etc. The series of Earn to Die includes 4 games till know (2014)


So, sit back and enjoy all the zombie free online games! Just make sure to remain alive!