Earn to Die For Beginners

Earn to Die is a 2D side-scrolling game, which was originally released as a flash game but now it can be played on pocket platforms as well. The game is set in post apocalyptic period where you have to strive for your survival in the world full of zombies. The game puts you in control of a car, which is your only means of survival as you drive past hordes of zombies. It is an extremely popular online game and has been played over 200 million times. The pocket version of the game has also been downloaded by more than half android users.

Where To Play Earn To Die

Did you know that you can play Earn To Die on your smartphone? I persoanlly discovered this only few days ago, and let me tell you one thing – it’s super fun ! You can download the game to your Android or iPhone device. There is a free version, but I recommend buying the “premium” one. It has more fun levels. I hope that in the future the developers will also release a mobile version of earn to die 3 game.


About The Game

Though the game has been played by millions of users online but still there are lots of users who crave to play the game but couldn’t play it due to the absence of a game guide for the beginners. However, the game is extremely simple and can be played easily even by beginners who are new to the world of gaming.
Below-mentioned are some of the features that make Earn To Die an ideal game to be played by beginners:

  • The controls are very simple and keyboard based. Players can control movement of the vehicle using WASD keys whereas keys ‘J’ and ‘K’ can be used to use the propellers.
  • There is not too much reliance on controls as some of the items such as machine gun and other upgrades work automatically on spotting the target.
  • The game is popular among people of all ages due to its cute graphics and engaging gameplay.
  • The storyline is simple; player needs to escape the desert by using a helicopter which can be reached by using a car.
  • The game may seem endless but it is not! There is no need to continue playing the game for long hours, as a casual gamer can complete the game within 30-40 minutes.
  • The game is a beginners delight and will keep them asking for more similar games.
  • The graphics are not too gory, which means the game can be played by all those who do not prefer violent games.

If you are a beginner or new to the world of gaming, then Earn To Die is surely the right game which you should play. The game has the capability to keep you entertained for several hours at a stretch. Have fun!

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