Free Online Zombie Killing Games


Ever felt like raving Alice in The Resident Evil Series, sharp smart and felt on a purpose to save the world, which is being consumed by Zombies.  Does the dead coming alive excite you?
Then a bundle of free online zombie killing games is what can quench your want. They have over powered your city and one cannot survive the other lives or denies to die. The only choice you are left with is to kill the zombies to fight death and survive but they are not in ones or two, they come in hordes. Fight them the action combat games online for free and learn how to kill the zombies

Stark Raving Ted – One man rises from the rubble of Zombie, end of the world and his name…is Ted the ultimate hero in the ultimate gaming zone for the imaginative adventurers in the Action Packed Game – Stark Raving Ted. It will set to up for hours on incredibly exciting missions as he goes on the hunt of the undead. You can play it free online for hours, its easy navigation, high-tech gadgets and weapons, obstacles and variations and real 3D graphics detailed scenes and the smooth soundtrack deplore you to the catastrophe itself.

The Last Stand – An exciting action packed game brought to you by Armor Games. It is a free online zombie killing game which gives to the ultimate adrenal rush. It is a series a famous Action series of Adobe Flash video games which are laid down during a Zombie apocalypse, and the only way survivors can remain so is to fend off hordes of undead. It is followed by its sequels – The Last Stand 2, The Last Stand – Union City and The Last Stand – Dead Zone. All three knit a story around one of the survivors Jack and his attempt to escape from the infected city and towards the evacuation point.

Zombacalypse – An all new free online zombie shooting game brought to you by Armor Games for the zombie lovers. This season it is going to be your all new addiction. You are a man on mission, a part of a troop sent on a mission and as your chopper touches ground of the facility you are to secure, you are a man against a horde of zombies – the shambling undead. Destroy all if you wish to survive a dreadful death.

Zombie Shootout – Find out how long can you stay alive when the undead are what you are up against? They won’t die and they won’t let to live or die either. Free online Zombie shooting Flash games. Enter the war with zombies survive each level and go up the levels and get the upgrades.

Indulge yourself in the zombie killing games online for free and find yourself lost in the midst of veracious zombies. Battle out the zombies and put them to ground where they belong, but beware you are up against hordes of bloodthirsty scavengers they might be slow but does not help you outrun them as they are undead yet deadly.