Free Online Zombie Shooting Games


The dreadful zombies are back again in the game, but this time there is no running back, no escaping, this time they’ll be put to ground. Free online zombie shooting games brings you a range of zombie shootout games to which you’ll be addicted like no other. The war on zombies will begun and this time it’s going to be more thrilling and adventurous with never like before action as you are chased by swarms of undead and violent zombies. It is going to be more lethal weapons and more killing to save the human race.

  • Armor Games bring to you amazing and enthralling free online zombie shooting games, the Last Stand Series with 4 action packed sequels. The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2, The Last Stand : Union City and The Last Stand : Dead Zone. Game plot revolves around a survivor Jack who runs for his life from a zombie infected city towards a safe abode in Union City where the final evacuation is scheduled to happen, will he make it through? How many more can he save? Join him on his journey from the city where he lived to the point of evacuation and beyond to his last stand.
  • Stark Raving Ted – It has finally happened, the much dreaded alien invasion upon our planet but that isn’t all that has changed. The aliens have changed the human race into a swarm of zombies. Where survival is a question, one of the survivors rises from the rubble of the dead – Ted annihilates this threat all by himself in the ruins of the city he once lived.
  • Zombacalypse – An all new free zombie shooting game presented by Armor Games for the zombie lovers. This is going to be your all new addiction for the season. You are a man on mission and as your chopper touches ground you are a man against a horde of zombies – the shambling undead. Destroy all in order to emerge a survivor
  • Zombie Madness – Yet another action packed free online zombie shooting game, brought to you by Armor Games. A game to entertain your zombie madness and take you to an all new level. When you have only one way, to fight off these dreaded zombies all you need are some unique abilities and weapons galore combined with your instincts shooting all that stands in your way. Choose from am large collection of arsenals and wipe off the shambling madness.
  • Zombie Shootout – How long can you stay alive when the undead are what you are up against? They won’t die and they won’t let to live or die either. Free online Zombie shooting Flash games. Enter the war with zombies survive each level and go up the levels and get the upgrades.
  • Super Zombie Shooter 3D – Now play 3D zombie shooting games online for free. You are no ordinary citizen, you are a soldier on a mission, a soldier from an elite force and you are assigned to the task of destroying all the zombies and encountering them in the abandoned facility to save humanity.
  • You can find more shooting games rather than zombies. For example: Sniper assassin, Gun mayhem 3 and more.


Now play for free, choose from a range of online zombie shooting games and annihilate the undead to save the human race as we know it.