Free Online Zombie Survival Games

As insanity grips this world, and people begin killing each other, you halt to wonder if things could get any worse and now you wish you wouldn’t have asked for so because the one’s they killed didn’t stay dead. What do you do when the only escape is to flee, when there is no fighting back but will it be all that easy?

A series of free online zombie survival games takes you through the chaos andbedlam but all you can do is to run for your life. The objective is to stop the zombies so that you have enough time and route to escape, but will the zombies let you survive? These fast paced action packed games take you through a never ending adrenal rush.

Zombie Survival Outbreak – It is a free zombie survival online flash player game brought to up by Armor Games. The purpose is not to kill but to make way for survival, use all you can knife, gun and grenades. Choose from the huge arsenal you have to survive the horde of zombies gushing after you. Beware do not let them vomit at you or throw at you. Survive each level and proceed to the next and get upgrades.

Humans vs. Zombies – A free zombie survival online game that needs no downloads, no plug-in just your keyboard and you to enter the world at its end. It’s the ultimate fight against the zombies. Humans vs. Zombies – a live action game. Players need to be vigilant and guard themselves from the swarm of zombies.


Ben 10’s Zombie Survival Game – A treat for all Ben 10 fans, the Ben 10

The zombie survival game is a free online flash player game with high end graphics and great background score. The famous Ben 10 from the cartoon series Ben 10 produced by Cartoon Network Studios and his Omnitrix – the alien device which resembles a watch is up against the ultimate threat to humankind the Zombies. It is up to Ben 10 now to save the day using the light sabers and all ammunitions and halt from the darkness to engulf the day.


Zombie Pandemic – A free Zombie Survival Online game brought to you by MMORPG. Co-op. You are caught in a city infected by the zombie virus and fighting it will do no good, run for your life while you still have it and be prepared as the undead march against you, towards you as the zombie hordes have taken over the city and over powered the guards. Fight and survive the shambles of the dreadful walking dead.


Road of the Dead – Road of the Dead is yet another action packed gaming series brought to you by Armor Games. This famous game has just more than one series to it, Road of the Dead comes packed with Road of the Dead -2 and Road of the Dead -3. The undead are coming to get you race as fast as you can and take care as you drive while it’s raining zombies.