Road of the Dead

What do you do when the only escape is to flee, when there is no fighting back but will it be all that easy? Another action packed game for the Zombie lovers, brought to you by Armor Games.

When there is no turning back and the only road ahead of you is the road of the dead – Road of the Dead – brings to you the ultimate break out from the quarantined city by driving all the way through a highway filled with the voracious undead, bloodshed and chaos and when you think it’s almost possible even in your wildest dreams the military makes you rethink!

Drive through the carnage and bedlam just to find yourself in the best zombie escape ever. A love of the Action Gamers with the fancy of Zombies, this game comes to you in 4modes, 24 medals and equipped with 1000 new grounds point with easy navigation and amazing graphics, this is very gamers’ paradise, or ironically Hell. The only way out is to burst through checkpoints, run over zombies, shoot every obstacle in your sight, and make your great flight from a zombie infected city.

This famous game has just more than one series to it, Road of the Dead comes packed with Road of the Dead -2 and Road of the Dead -3 making it an addiction to everyone who has ever laid hands on it. The exciting combination of Car Gaming and Zombie Escape keeps you at the edge of your seat and the easy WSAD controls helps you play smoothly. Just watch out for a Zombie before it crashes on your car!