Stark Raving Ted


Ever felt like the James Edward from Men in Black, dodging and saving the world as we know it from the horrendous attacks from the Alien world – the ultimate threat of the unknown. Now add the infamous Alien Invasion with the raving Alice in The Resident Evil Series, sharp smart and felt on a purpose to save the world, which is being consumed by Zombies.  Does the dead coming alive excite you?
Are you almost at the edge of your seat?  So plug in and start ‘Stark Raving Ted’. One man rises from the rubble of Zombie, end of the world and his name…is Ted the ultimate hero in the ultimate gaming zone for the imaginative adventurers in the Action Packed Game – Stark Raving Ted. It will set to up for hours on incredibly exciting missions.

With something more horrendous than the end of the world itself upon us, only one of the survivors rises from the rubble of the dead – Ted has a mission ahead and he is going to annihilate this threat all by himself in the ruins of the city he once lived, inspired from the movie Stark Raving Mad

You can play it free online for hours, its easy navigation, high-tech gadgets and weapons, obstacles and variations and real 3D graphics detailed scenes and the smooth soundtrack deplore you to the catastrophe itself. You can run, but you cannot hide and when it’s Ted – you wouldn’t want to because you are the only one who can stop the Zombies and save the world and stop the aliens from turning all of humankind into zombies!