The Last Stand 2


As madness grips this world, and people start killing each other, you halt to wonder if things could get any worse and now you wish you wouldn’t have asked for so because the one’s they killed didn’t stay dead.

A gripping action packed sequel of one of the best zombie games ever, brought to you by Armor Games. The Last Stand is a prequel to this astonishing game The Last Stand 2. The adventure does not stop here as it’s successfully followed by more excitement in the sequels The Last Stand – Union City and The Last Stand – Dead Zone.

The Last Stand is a famous Action series of Adobe Flash video games. All the four games in this Action Series of Zombie Games are laid down during a Zombie apocalypse, and the only way survivors can remain so is to fend off hordes of undead.

The series revolves around Jack – a survivor trying to hold out until he is rescued from the bedlam and chaos of the unrelenting zombie horde. The second series ‘The Last Stand 2’ revolves around Jack – the survivor from the first series and illustrates Jack’s attempt towards Union City. It follows the same mechanics as its previous series but gets more stimulating and enthralling as Jack has to now navigate through maps, travel through different towns to reach a safe zone. All this excitement comes packed with a deadline of 40Days as Jack has to reach Union City within the time frame to reach the final evacuation point in Union City. Follow Jack to his last stand while he traverses to finish what he started while he gathers weapons, survivors and supplies for the way along his escape.